The Thera-clean machine makes bubbles half the size of a red blood cell that penetrate deep down at a cellular level to loosen dirt, dead shedding hair, debris, allergens and bacteria deep in your dogs pores as well as stimulate blood circulation and healthy hair growth using nothing but micro bubbles & all natural plant enzymes.

To further enhance the therapeutic results of the Thera-clean bath you can opt to add Moisture Plus to the bath which is a natural super fluid packed full of benefits like insect repellant, odor elimination, anti-bacterial and has anti-stress and relaxation effects too! Perfect for hot dry summer and cold harsh winter months that tend to dry a dogs skin and coat out.

The Thera-Clean therapy bath is a specialized service for pets with many different kinds of skin conditions, allergies, dry skin and many other ailments. It’s great for reducing shedding when used on a regular basis. It’s beneficial for healthy dogs too!

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